Cargo Insurance

Protect Your Investment

CLEARFreight understands the substantial value you have invested in your international shipments. We also know that cargo insurance should be an integral part of your import and export transactions, so we provide specialized expertise to insure your cargo and protect you against potential loss or damage.


Complete Coverage

With our industry experience and purchasing volume, we have the leverage to offer full coverage at economical rates. Because our team is in the position to calculate your total cost, even terminal and delivery fees, we can insure for the full cost of imported goods, including duty if applicable. Foreign insurance providers cannot offer the same advantage.


Contingency Insurance

Depending on terms of sale and type of foreign insurance, you may be exposed to unanticipated vulnerabilities due to gaps in coverage. We can offer contingency insurance at a reduced cost to ensure coverage obtained overseas is sufficient to protect your liability for loss or damage.


Cargo Insurance Services

  • Cargo Insurance Specialist
  • Full Liability Coverage
  • Contingency Insurance
  • Economical Rates
  • Door-To-Door Insurance
  • Local Responsive Representation
  • All Documentation and Reporting
  • Payment of Premiums
  • Assistance With Claims Processing