Customs Brokerage Fee Schedule




• Customs Entry Form (CF7501) —————————————————————————–––––—  $ 125.00

• In-Bond Entry and Re -forwarding ———————  ———————————————————–––– $ 75.00

• Routine Harbor/Airport Messenger (For all Ocean or Air Shipments) ——— ––———––– $ 20.00

• Additional Classifications on Entry ——————————————————————–––——  $ 7.50 each

• Additional Invoices or Bills of Lading/Air way bills under a single Entry —––—––   $ 20.00 each

• Registration of Importer ID Number (CF5106) ———————————————————––––—$ 15.00

NOTE: Above fees are formulated for simplicity and include such services as: “ABI” Release or Immediate Delivery Permit, Harmonized tariff classification, ABI Entry processing, Quota processing, long-term record keeping and liquidation posting, assemblage of Customs and third-party/carrier costs under one documented invoice, and normal customer service. Customs Bonds are not included, but we will assist in obtaining them at prevailing rates. Non-routine communications, postage, courier or messenger costs will be charged as incurred. When justified by additional agency time or resource requirements, ClearFreight may charge supplemental fees. Fees for special Consultation will be based on billable hourly rates of the personnel assigned, or by advanced agreement with client. Some typical supplemental fees are quoted below; services not shown will be quoted upon request.


• Food and Drug, USDA, Other Government Agency Release/Processing ——–————––   $ 20.00

• Additional FDA Line on Entry———————————————————————————––– $ 10.00 each

• FDA PN (Prior notice) ———————————————————————————––––  $ 50.00 minimum

• Additional PN on Entry —————————————————————–––————————— $ 15.00 each

• FDA Exam Detention, Sampling, Coordination ——————————————––––   $ 50.00 per hour

• FCC Notification of Imported Products ——————————————————————–– $ 15.00 each

• Release of General Order Lines/Carrier’s Certificate ——————————––––   $ 50.00 minimum

• Protests or Review under Section 520 Petitions ————————————–––– $ 100.00 minimum

• Continuous Bond Application and Placement ———————————————————–––– $ 100.00

• Customs (cargo) Examination Coordination —————–––––––––––––––   $ 20.00 minimum


• ALL CLEARFREIGHT INVOICES ARE DUE AND PAYABLE UPON PRESENTATION as funds must be advanced to Customs and carriers on our behalf in order for the shipment to be released for delivery. In the event ClearFreight extends credit, a 2% Disbursement Service Charge will be added to our invoices to cover financial costs (but may be deducted by clients paying within seven days).

• Delinquent invoices shall constitute a general lien against client’s remaining documents and goods in the custody or control of ClearFreight.

• Prior to representing an Importer, and at times thereafter, ClearFreight may require appropriate credit information and signed Credit Agreement per terms described herein.

• ClearFreight assumes no liability for Customs penalties, third-party claims or charges, or losses to the importer beyond our reasonable control.

• The limit of ClearFreight’s liability in cases of negligence shall be one (1) times its fee collected for the subject transaction unless otherwise specified by Customs Regulations. We further adhere to the Standard Conditions adopted by The National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America, Inc., which are reprinted on the reverse side of this schedule.

IMPORTANT: We recommend that your shipments be insured. We can insure them only if requested at time of booking.