clearfreight vision

We're always looking ahead.

When your operations are worldwide in scope, the need for accurate, up-to-date information is constant. Maintaining control demands immediate access to data, from shipment status to ever-changing regulations.


As an industry leader in information technology, ClearFreight can track and deliver the information you need in a variety of ways. We have developed our own sophisticated transportation software, which is licensed for use by other leading companies, and we frequently provide our clients with customized applications to better serve their particular needs. This advanced technology means faster, more reliable service around the world.

Our unique operational flexibility also positions us as a valuable informational resource, with the ability to quickly and easily disseminate news and trends of importance to our customers. Such full-service support is yet another measure of the ClearFreight commitment to connect your company with ours to create a mutual advantage.

At ClearFreight, we understand the importance of technology -- accurate and rapid flow of information is a critical requirement to ensure the smooth and predictable movement of freight. Our technology strategy centers on a single platform that integrates our Global operations across all functions, services and organizations,

supporting your needs in supply chain visibility and management.